Fountain Fine Art Exhibition May 2013

Here are the images for my new show at Fountain Fine Art, Cardiff. This will be my first solo exhibition for over five years, so I’m really excited!!!

The work presented in this exhibition stretches the way that I explore symbolism. I’m interested in paintings that have a narrative and wanted to recycle or reinvent elements from past compositions. There are birds, houseboats, candles and crowns, all of which have appeared at one time or another in my paintings and have a personal and universal meaning.

The difference in my use of this symbolism coincides with my growing older, my moving into a different perspective of how I see my own history and heritage. In the past I’ve been enveloped in a pursuit of discovery regarding my the late father figures in my life, whereas now I am the father figure with a wife and two daughters that are making new events in my own lifetime.

I’m still passionate about my immediate environment and cultural upbringing. It forms the fabric of Valleys society and there’s no escaping it. Many have tried to escape it and returned to it. In many ways they’re treading water. For many who live where I live, it’s important to embrace your surroundings and try to understand where and who you come from. This may be interpreted as sentimental and flimsy; I see it as respecting history and learning lessons from it. I was fortunate to have some great role models – hopefully I can put what I have learned to good use.

My wife confirmed something that I have been thinking about for a long time last week. She asked me when I was finally going to start including female figures in my paintings, so it’s time to do something new. After all, if it’s role models that I’m inspired by, who better than her…

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