Before & After

As an Art teacher at Bishop Hedley High School in Merthyr Tydfil, I’m always preaching about planning ideas and showing where they come from. This gets our students more marks – it’s a bit like demonstrating how you’ve solved a Maths equation.

Truth be told – I rarely practise what I preach in my own work. I tend to get an idea, jot a few words down and away I go, although there have been some occasions where I make more ‘finished’ sketches and drawings.

Most of the time these drawings explore colour, composition and the use of symbolism (using objects to represent something personal or to tell a story).

Here are some examples. I’ll be doing some more this half-term break. I’ve been offered a small show (10-12 pictures) this April at Kooywood Gallery, Cardiff, so will hope to continue the good run of ideas that I’ve had this past couple of months. Long may it continue…

Sketches and drawings are available to purchase HERE.


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Welsh artist.

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