New Commission, New Directions

I was recently asked to make NINE paintings. The choice of subject was mine but I was asked to make a nod to Parnham House in Sussex.

Photo credit @jamesfearphotography (Instagram)
Study for Parnham, acrylic on panel, 15x20cm

Let me make it clear. I am no landscape painter, but this commission has stretched me to make images that I would usually ignore.

The gallery below includes paintings of a penny farthing, disco ball, a dilapidated country house, a zebra, elephant, chess pieces and blossoms, things that until now would not have been deemed part of my repertoire.

I’m not sure if I’ll continue to use these things in future paintings, but you never know!

Valley Parables: Press Release

Accordion Street 30x30cmSlipstream 25x35cm $595

Valley Parables: New Paintings by James Donovan

James Donovan is exhibiting forty new paintings at Cardiff’s Kooywood Gallery from Thursday September 10th.

The Aberdare artist’s new paintings are a return to what he calls the ‘new, old Wales’, where old habits die hard and stereotypes live on through a cast of comical yet poignant characters that reflect personal and universal views on valleys life and Welsh culture.

The show continues until Saturday October 3rd.

For more details, contact:

James Donovan:

07875 368228

Kooywood Gallery (Rhian Kooy):

029 2023 5093