Post-Inspection Blues, Greens and Other Colours

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I’ve been preparing for a full school inspection as part of my day job, but will hopefully get out of marking books so much in favour of painting until Christmas. That’s the plan, anyway. Look out for some new images and drawings, many of which will form partContinue reading “Post-Inspection Blues, Greens and Other Colours”

Good Reservations

Six of my paintings will be featured as part of a show called ‘Welsh Contemporary Art’ at Fosse Gallery from this Sunday 6th October. One has already been snapped up and another has been reserved, something that rarely happens when I exhibit. Could get used to this! For more details, visit More work availableContinue reading “Good Reservations”

Commissions and Challenges

It’s not often that I get a commission to paint a picture, but when I do it always brings about some fresh ideas. The piece featured below is an adaptation of an original idea. My client suggested an interest in combining one of my fire-breathing figures with a piece of Ewenny pottery, something that IContinue reading “Commissions and Challenges”