Commissions and Challenges

It’s not often that I get a commission to paint a picture, but when I do it always brings about some fresh ideas. The piece featured below is an adaptation of an original idea. My client suggested an interest in combining one of my fire-breathing figures with a piece of Ewenny pottery, something that I had never encountered before, even though it’s exhibited just down the road in Swansea Museum. I’m really pleased with the result, and (thankfully) so is my client!

If you are interested in commissioning an original painting, please click on the ‘Commissions’ menu and get in touch. I like a challenge!

In Vogue

My painting is featured in ‘Vogue’s masterpieces’! I was recently approached by the magazine to be part of their September edition as ‘one to watch’, so hopefully there will be a few more art lovers watching out for my work on page 409.

Never thought I’d be featured in a fashion magazine…