One week on…

It’s been a week since my exhibition at Attic Gallery opened and I’m really pleased with the feedback I’ve had. There have been ten sales so far and the belief that people like my paintings enough to want to own one has really given me a confidence boost. This is my first large show for five years and I had no idea as to how it would be recieved. Hopefully the gallery will get some press coverage soon so a wider audience can be reached, but in the meantime I’m letting you know how things are going via my site, Facebook and Twitter. For more details, visit:

Facebook – James Donovan Art

Twitter – @jamesdonovanart

I’d love to know what you think of the paintings. Art college taught me a lot about independence, but I really miss the feedback that my tutors gave me. Rob Newell, Kirstine Dunthorne and the late Sue Griffiths were big influences on me and their encouragement kept me going when I began to doubt. Being an art teacher is something that I’ve always wanted to do and I appreciate the value of honest advice. So if you feel like offering some words of wisdom, get in touch…

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