I’ve recently started paintings that feature girls in them. More specifically, my daughters. For years I’ve painted about the influence that my father and grandfather had on me, but I’m a proud Dad to two daughters and think that painting is a good way to teach them a little about what I know. They’re also beautiful, so they make great subjects! Here are a few images that I’ve been working on during the past couple of weeks:

In Vogue

My painting is featured in ‘Vogue’s masterpieces’! I was recently approached by the magazine to be part of their September edition as ‘one to watch’, so hopefully there will be a few more art lovers watching out for my work on page 409.

Never thought I’d be featured in a fashion magazine…

New Palettes

I’m trying out some new colour palettes this summer. School’s out, so For the next six weeks I can relax and paint and experiment with something new. This piece is 90 x 120cm and hasn’t got a title yet, but I’m working on it…