Good Reservations

Six of my paintings will be featured as part of a show called ‘Welsh Contemporary Art’ at Fosse Gallery from this Sunday 6th October. One has already been snapped up and another has been reserved, something that rarely happens when I exhibit. Could get used to this! For more details, visit More work availableContinue reading “Good Reservations”


I’ve recently started paintings that feature girls in them. More specifically, my daughters. For years I’ve painted about the influence that my father and grandfather had on me, but I’m a proud Dad to two daughters and think that painting is a good way to teach them a little about what I know. They’re alsoContinue reading “Girls”


This is a piece that I finished yesterday. I’m trying to experiment with new colour combinations without trying to push the limits too far. This piece exaggerates the greens and blues found in deep pools of water, whilst the sky is inspired by the peachy pink/orange/cream skies that I see a lot in the summerContinue reading “‘Rescuers’”