I’ve recently started paintings that feature girls in them. More specifically, my daughters. For years I’ve painted about the influence that my father and grandfather had on me, but I’m a proud Dad to two daughters and think that painting is a good way to teach them a little about what I know. They’re alsoContinue reading “Girls”

Fountain Fine Art – new Cardiff gallery

Morgans Arcade in Cardiff is the new location for Fountain Fine Art’s secondgallery. The original gallery is situated in Llandeilo, where I have sold a lot of work in the past year. This new space is currently having its finishing touches applied and will be opening officially on Sunday 11th November at 12 o’clock. You’reContinue reading “Fountain Fine Art – new Cardiff gallery”

One week on…

It’s been a week since my exhibition at Attic Gallery opened and I’m really pleased with the feedback I’ve had. There have been ten sales so far and the belief that people like my paintings enough to want to own one has really given me a confidence boost. This is my first large show forContinue reading “One week on…”